AZBAR for all supplied and installed equipment at the location offers the following service features:

  • Preventive service-based maintenance
  • Interventional service-based maintenance
  • Emergency call service

Regardless of the option chosen, AZBAR provide service support 24/7, by coming to the customer’s location or remote support (phone, e-mail, remote access to the Internet).

Preventive service maintenance means all necessary regular inspection and jobs that allow the proper use of serviced equipment and is carried out twice a year in the terms agreed with the service user.

Intermediate maintenance in case of non-functioning of the equipment implies the interventions necessary for the proper use of the maintenance equipment. The contracted start time of the emergency maintenance service at the Customer’s location from the moment of receipt of the failure report can be between 4, 8, 12 or 24 hours.

The price of emergency service maintenance depends on whether an annual maintenance contract has been signed (more favorable for the user) or the user has chosen the option of emergency intervention on the call.

The warranty period for purchased equipment is 1 year, and for service 6 months.

Spare parts and consumables are secured.