AZBAR in co-operation with Grenke offers a financial service for leasing equipment for small, medium and large enterprises:

  • without participation
  • without insurance
  • without a currency clause – unchanged rent in HRK for the entire duration of the contract

The service also includes catering counseling: how to shorten the depreciation period, obtain a favorable interest rate, postpone payments to contract, more favorable purchase prices and maintain liquidity.

It is possible to finance low value equipment (from HRK 4,000.00).

Processing is fast and does not require additional documentation:

  • for up to € 50,000.00 financing approval within 4h and delivery of equipment the same day upon receipt of the application for financing
  • for amounts over 50.000,00 € processing takes 3-5 days

Processing costs for amounts:

  • up to 50,000 EUR: 600,00 HRK
  • over 50.000 EUR: 0.5% of the required amount