For bars where alcoholic, carbonated and non-alcoholic beverages are also served with cocktails and mixes, the Az Complex system is recommended, which consists of Az Cocktail Tower, BackBar Tanks, Az 200+ control keyboard and optionally pourers.

Cocktail Tower may have 16 to 64 mutually separate tubes connected to the BackBar tank system; the number of tanks is unlimited and can be used for multiple systems.

The number of towers per bar is independent of the warehouse, and each BackBar tank has 8 separate tanks with appropriate pumps.

By using the Az 200+ control keyboard, you can define up to 510 different cocktails and mixes, and one cocktail can have up to 16 different ingredients. Also, it manages all your price specials (Happy Hour, Ladies’ Night, etc.)

Comes with Az Central software for easy system configuration and management.

The calculation is quick and easy and provides insight into the quantity of alcoholic beverages (per piece and normative), the individual price per item, and finally the total price of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage, allowing control over all items on the box.

When stirring, there is no mixing of taste since each drink has its own pipe and its outlet on the balloon.