AZBAR business solutions are tailored to the needs of every single caterer, regardless of the volume of business and the complexity of serving the drinks in the bar.

We are approaching every user with special care and advising him about the choice of business solution.

Our solutions are tailored to bars in restaurants and bars with a simple serving of all kind of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, beers and wines, and to hotel systems with multiple bars of different complexity of serving drinks, especially cocktails and mixes.

We particulalry emhasize the possibility of combining multiple solutions on one bar if needed. In addition to increasing efficiency, cost reduction and effective control, our solutions enable caterers to fully devote themselves to their guests, who beside offering faster and more quality service at any time can guarantee the prescribed normative and quality of the beverage.

Some of the benefits of AZBAR business solutions:

  • Increase revenues and savings to caterers, while increasing the quality of service to guests
  • Increases turnover and earnings with the same number of employees and bars due to faster and better service delivery
  • Easy and efficient interface is customized to the domestic market and allows you to connect the AzCentral application to any POS device or fiscal cashier
  • Fast and easy process of daily calculation as well as overall business control
  • Identification and control of employee work
  • Rapid installation of the system (no need for significant technical interventions on already existing bars)
  • Easy employee education
  • Financial leasing for small, medium and large enterprises
  • Manufactured in Canada


  • Effective control of poured beverages reduces loss up to 27 % (data from the American catering association)
  • Innovative central beverage storage solutions further reduce the cost of purchasing beverages up to 20 % by purchasing more economical, larger packaging
  • Less storage space occupancy
  • Less space occupancy on the bar
  • Tax-recognized expense