The Az Basic system, which consists of the Az Junior Control Console with the activation ring and the Az seal packer, is recommended for bars with a wide range of alcoholic beverages.

Pourers are mounted on a bottle of alcohol instead of a plug and the special plastic sealing gasket Az Seal protects against unauthorized removal from the bottle, and the setting of the pourere and seal is quick and easy.

Up to 100 different alcoholic beverages can be stored in the console.

The number of pourers per item is not limited, and for each drink it is possible to define up to 4 portion siszes with the most commonly used setting as a default value (eg 0.03L for a hard drink, 0.1L for wine …).

The system manages the application solution of the Az Central that can be installed on a cashier, POS device or separate computer and used for calculation and standardization.

The calculation is quick and easy and provides insight into the quantity of alcoholic beverages (per piece and normative), the individual price per item, and finally the total price of the alcoholic drinks, allowing control over all items on the cashier.