The Az Gun is a professional programmable alcoholic beverage dispenser, as well as carbonated and non-carbonated juices.

It consists of an electronically controlled gun and a bracket with valves for controlling the output pressure of drinks.

The gun has buttons with the items and pushes a particular item to the alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink by default.

The gun is connected to the Az Backbar tank system, which allows storage of larger quantities of drinks in the (dislocated) warehouse.

The number of devices that can be connected to a pipe from a warehouse is not limited.

To control pouring of alcohol, as well as the identity of the waiter, the control keypad is used, and the system controls the applicative solution Az Central.


Depending on the model of the gun, it is possible to program up to 14 different types of drinks, of which up to 10 kinds of alcoholic drinks, up to 4 for soda water and non-alcoholic drinks.

For each drink, it is possible to define up to 4 portion sizes, with the most commonly used setting as a default value (eg 0.03L for a hard drink, 0.1L for wine …).