The Az 200+ control keyboard is the central electronic control unit for up to 255 different items (individual drinks, as well as pre-defined cocktails and mixes).

An employee does not have to be specially trained to prepare cocktails and mixes.

The drinks to be poured and its predefined normative are chosen through a membrane-protected keyboard.

Along with the console comes the Az Ring, an activation ring that touches the type of drink in touch with the pre-programmed pourer on the bottle and prevents the misfeed of the wrongly selected beverage on the control applicative system.

The keyboard is connected to the Az Central system, which enables monitoring of the total amount of alcohol in the east as well as employee identification.


The control keypad manages programs and other AzBar products that are connected to it.

The casing is made of stainless steel and contains an electronic PCB inside, a membrane keypad and an activation ring for programmed pourers.