About us

AzbarPlus Inc designs, manufactures and sells equipment for bars and restaurants, oversees and manages hospitality industry systems and provides related services for over 20 years.
Using its expertise and new technologies, it strives to offer the hospitality industry an effective and efficient means of control and management.
AzBar’s ability to innovate and strong production growth has earned him several awards for excellence. These awards were recommended by companies that have invested in economic growth, research and development, product improvement and employee training.
STREAM BAR AZBAR is focused on complete customer satisfaction, offering a range of fast and efficient consulting services using flexible and appropriate methods.
Our vision is to become a leader in the production of control and management systems for bars, restaurants and hotels.
Our mission is to provide your company with the best control and management solutions using a high-performance system.
Our values ​​are teamwork, integrity, dedication, thoroughness and efficiency.